The Final Knowledge (29)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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After Jesus was crucified, humans had to be ready for the same fate as Jesus to get closer to the truth of god. That was the two-thousand-year spell. However, even in such a period, there were humans who were able to pray rightly and ascend to reach up the god world. That became humans’ hope. That also testified human potential. When humans know that everything is only a story, they have to face the history of the 2000 years, the twenty-year rule by the moon. They have to look the reality in the face that the time was necessary for them to awake. They also have to accept this mad ground’s story that only insanity or death would have been brought if the energy of the spiritual world had remained there at the level beyond human disposal ability even if The Final Knowledge had been revealed when human knowledge did not reach the beginning of the universe and did not know a nuclear explosion, nuclear fusion and the creation of an element.
The knowledge that humans are the children of god has existed since the ancient time. There was also knowledge that each human being formed a microcosm as a mirror to reflect this universe and remembered even the beginning point of the origin in its center.
However, nobody awoke except only a handful of humans. After Jesus died on the cross, humans have ticked away the history that went around in circles in the dark labyrinth. They have repeated seeing but fail to see, and hearing but fail to hear. They have justified the rule and the oppression in the name of God. Whose, or what existence’s sin was that? At the beginning, it seemed to me as if the spiritual world on this earth wanted to repeat creating sin itself and punishing itself forever. It can be also said that it seemed as if it was seized with the desire for destruction that it wanted to transmigrate again at the earth level as humans do so. However, I repeat that humans indeed are the hope of the earth. Humans are the existence form that can change darkness into light. Humans have already reached the knowledge to release themselves from this spell of god or deities. The human knowledge has already been ready. When the secret of god is disclosed and as god’s knowledge it fuses human knowledge, the new era will begin. That is what humans have prayed for a long time and looked forward to, calling it the kingdom.