The Final Knowledge (28)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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Around the same time, “Amatsutsuki” made the place to keep the data of the deities on the earth on a small isolated island at the Far East. That was Japan. As the method to keep the data, this country left the energy of human thoughts and feelings solely to Buddhism. This country made the system that especially human ghosts that were kegare (impurity) were left to Buddhism that also originated in humans. This country introduced other things such as Yin and yang from China and anything seemed to be useful. However, this country shut off only Christianity. First it was not shut off but after Oda Nobunaga who showed understanding to Christianity put the Emperor under the keep of Azuchi castle and was going to stand on top of Japan but was killed at Hon-no-ji temple, the situation changed. At that period, Christians whose number was speculated to reach 30 percent of the population were persecuted and practically disappeared. I only write down that the barrier to protect the system of Nihon (Japan) was exercised at this time.
The Meiji Restoration of Japan had the side of the shift from the human domination by long-lasted Buddhism to the human domination by old Shinto. However, Shinto did not have any know-how of dominating humans. Shallow human knowledge created the strange illusion of Arahitogami (a god who is a human being) and the subject from Zhu Xi’s teachings in China and the national view of the god’s state. The deities denied this artificial State Shinto. Kamigakari (trance) happened and new religions appeared. However, it was the time of the Constitution of the Empire of Japan. People who came in contact with the truth of the spiritual world had to be ready to die. That was the same as the Middle Ages of Europe. A false god ruled and justice kept silent. Even in such a period, people like Nakayama Miki and Deguchi Wanisaburo appeared to testify gods. Their assertions were the same. God is angry. Without repenting, terrible things will happen. After all, the Empire of Japan was defeated in the Second World War in 1945. The people of this country got the freedom of thought and religion for the first time by the new Constitution in 1947.
I can describe the god and deities of this earth because I live in this period. If someone had known everything I describe here 100 years ago, that knowledge would have been only a heavy cross. From the viewpoint of the basic principle that to know is to carry, if someone had known that knowledge, it could not have been carried. It is not until the time for the knowledge to be carried comes that it is revealed.