The Final Knowledge (75)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 475~476)

Then, her consciousness of light recovered a little courage. However, when the night came, her whole existence shifted to the place of darkness. Next day, the insanity appeared and I called back her sound consciousness. We repeated this everyday for days and weeks. Her sound consciousness also noticed that this mechanism was the same as shin-gyo (god-work). Her insanity happened only when she was with me. In the presence of others, her normal attitude was kept.
I knew that intolerable pain. Even in the condition of thinking nothing, the head and around the bosom always fill with heavy and painful things. In order to run away from there, humans would do anything. However, there is something that they have to make sure at the bottom. It might be close to the image of the bottom of the lake which is deep and muddy. There is a bottom even in the lake which they fall and they think is bottomless. When they reach the bottom, there are hollow and air, and they can breathe and look up at the surface. No matter how far it is, they can feel inclined to go back to the surface. However, just as they go out of the hollow, they writhe and come back to the hollow where they can breathe again. They know that there is a limit of time for which they can stay in the hollow that is their life.
My companion also found the bottom. One day, she reported it to me.
“When I reach the bottom end, my thoughts and feelings pass above me and I can remain thinking nothing. The place which I think might be easier than death…” With that expression, she told me about her discovery of the bottom of the consciousness where there was nothing and she felt nothing. My mastere existence also told me that my companion’s consciousness was at the bottom end.

Although she suffers more than ever, she will be able to do nothing but ascend.