The Final Knowledge (27)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】
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In front of Muhammad who was meditating in the cave on Arabian Peninsula, the angel Gabriel appeared. Muhammad was taken to Allah, the only god. Then he was given the story of the Bible and the story as the last prophet who should succeed it. And he set the Qur’an that was spoken by Muhammad with the state of kamigakari (trance) but not based on the Bible that had been corrected by humans as the sacred text. The Qur’an is said to have deeper meaning than the literal meaning with the mystery of kotodama (soul of words) and otodama (soul of sound) of Arabic, so it is said to be impossible to be translated. I have read the translation and it is the wrath of God and the Last Judgment that is literally repeated in it. However, I could find that what should be called the personified god was gradually being formed in Muhammad. In that sense, Muhammad was also compelled to form one god world as Jesus did. He was assigned to reveal the god’s will by the sword and the Qur’an, or in the very method of human world. The victory of the battle stemmed from Muhammad’s high human ability not from the miracle. And in 632 Muhammad died of unknown cause. He tried to say something but nobody heard his last words. No human being could contact the God of Muhammad there either. As a result, the intense conflict over the successor happened and many denominations that claimed their orthodoxy appeared. The concept of the only god yielded the concept of the only orthodox successor on the ground.
According to the story of the god side, the right successor of Jesus does not exist, nor does Muhammad. After then, nobody could have contact with the Father of Jesus nor Allah.