The Final Knowledge (24)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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At the time I had contact with deities in Egypt, I confirmed the memory of this destruction. The deities held the memory of civilization that perished hundreds million years ago. That was no less than five times. It is no longer the history on the earth. Thought from the viewpoint that time and space is not uniform in the spiritual world, it can be easily understood. Many conscious evolutions of the earth type or of human type must have arisen in this universe. However, they perished. Conscious being that can be called deities were created by the light of the origin god, so they could continue to exist as conscious being even after civilization fell in a physical sense. It is not human imagination that mythologies throughout the world say, even in different ways, that conscious being that should be called deities came down from the celestial sky to teach humans something. In the era of deities, humans did not need to doubt at all that their god and others’ were different, or every ethnic group had a different kind of god. In this era, deities were right by their side.
However, the turning point came. Some humans began to respond to the concept of the only god. Another story has begun. The story of the origin god that this is the sixth after perishing five times has continued on this earth. The continuation of this mythology is one of the reasons that humans keep giving off dark energy of the spiritual world so much and remain evil on this ground. Even if it is explained that humans evolved from the apes that like to slaughter very much, the depth of the darkness humans hold is beyond the biological memory of DNA.
Despite this collective energy of darkness, the will on this ground to make the story end at this time was optimistically clear.
That was because the covenant of the day or hour has been made.
From here, the story of Amatsutsuki began. That is the time of twenty-year rule by the moon, which Nostradamus said.