The Final Knowledge (23)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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Deities fail and new god stands. Akhenaten believed so and carried it out, but this first revolution of the god world ended with this Pharaoh’s death. It was thought that the era of deities would be back again. However, Moses succeeded to the concept of the only god. It was really a story-like god that was the only god staying with the most suppressed race. Apart from how much Moses was concerned in the description of the Five Books of Moses or Pentateuch of the Old Testament, the earth and the God story of the Bible started from here.
The parabolic antenna at the Southern Cross, which is my origin in my mythology, started functioning just around this time. I was made to go to Orion at the beginning of my god-work. I experienced turning inside out in my head there. I described Orion as the place for souls to be reformed or to be born again, but in fact I put out a new rule based on the prayer on the earth that was crystallized in me at the throne of Orion deities. That was the rule of light. Or that was the rule of the only god made by the prayer on the earth. With this, Orion ended its role. The throne of Orion was also closed.
I repeat it to avoid misunderstanding that what I carried out to Orion and put out was the crystallized prayer on the earth. It was not the prayer I made but the earth. With the event of the Last Judgment in response to this prayer, the god story of the earth and the Bible was completed. When the story was over and the book was closed, the energy of darkness filled in the spiritual world came to extinction. The human knowledge closed by the energy of the spiritual world until then came to awake with knowing the story.
My master existence told me that my role in the covenant between the celestial sky and the ground was to make sure to see the end of this story and let humans know about it. In that sense, the god story of the earth must start from Orion. This is because what came from Orion and civilized the earth was the human type conscious being that experienced destruction.