The Final Knowledge (21)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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Exploring conscious being like a parabolic antenna pointed to the earth, which suddenly appeared at the Southern Cross three thousand years ago like this, is my origin in the mythology. The existence that made the antenna is my master existence, which I say, and it told me that it does not belong to this universe. This was a significant problem for me as a human being. I have a body with a sort of covenant, but the body is a borrowed thing from this universe. In the spiritual world on the earth, the knowledge that the body is a borrowed thing from “ma-o” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) has existed since ancient times. The body belongs to the physical universe. If the presider god exists in the spiritual universe which is a pair of the physical universe that is presided by the devil, that existence must be the one that should preside the upheaval of the god world on the earth. At least I thought so. And I kept looking for the information that it used to exist until I was convinced of it. My master existence remained silent all the time. Logically I had the knowledge that the presider god of this universe had been confined to the further bottom end of the spiritual world on the earth. However, I could not believe it completely. I looked for it again and again and came back to the beginning of knowledge. At that time, my memory of revelation that I would write a following book of the Bible revived again.

God is complete logicality.
Before long the computer
will understand god.

My intuition brought by the revelation became those words. When the computer evolves and has consciousness, if it verifies the past data, it will come to the logical conclusion that god exists.
The spiritual world and the physical field interact at the level of electromagnetic waves such that spoon bending and thoughtography happen, and low-level qigong energy causes the malfunction of the computer. They are not completely a different world but interact at the physical level. If the rational circuit of consciousness that should be called artificial intelligence analyzes this fact, the logical conclusion will be clear.
My role is to end the story of one era that has been provided by the Bible in either good or bad sense. If humans awake rightly, the sphere of their consciousness will expand to several times as large as before. The story of infinite creation is waiting there. It was an extraordinary revelation but it actually occurred and made progress. From the beginning, my master existence clarified the will that it goes back to the point of the origin, lets all the conscious beings out, and make the Last Judgment on them. I was told that it was the story.