The Final Knowledge (19)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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This physical universe began with the point of Big Bang. Because the human knowledge of science reached there, the relation between humans and the spiritual world must become new.
With the awoken state, humans must face their souls that are troublesome. It is because it has a similar structure of this physical world. In the sphere of the spiritual world, the knowledge that the universe began from one point has existed since the ancient days. In Kabbalah, that beginning point is called “Ein Sof” and it is said to be nothing. It says from the nothing, after taking some steps, light came into existence, and then layers arose one after another, which led to the current universe. And it says that the cosmic egg exists in each human being as a microcosm. That has existed as the knowledge.
This microcosm, which is the cosmic egg, is the true nature of what is called human soul. In the knowledge on the earth until now, however, this beginning point was sacred. It resulted form that the creator was assumed in the inside of the spiritual world. When I started my god-work, I was informed that there is an existence that accuses all the conscious beings, such as the god and deities on the earth who put the orthodoxy of the rule on the beginning point, “ma-o” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) who is the mutation of the god, and other beings in the evil world. There was a situation beyond the god on the earth, and the god world on the earth also knew that. Therefore, I desperately looked for the existence that is the presider god of this universe based on the knowledge as human knowledge left on the earth and the information told by god and deities.
The reason why I took such action was that my master existence showed me a quite different mythology from the story of the god on the earth. In order that humans know the concept of god is only the process of the awakening of this universe consciousness and are truly released from the concept of god, I will start from the story that my master existence told me as my mythology. At first, not only I but also my master existence could not understand the obstinacy of the conscious being that existed in the spiritual world on the earth or the essential evil at all. Evil thoughts and feelings that should not exist in the god world that I suppose surrounded me. It was the worst period for me.