The Final Knowledge (18)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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Without wakemitama (child-spirit) of deities, can I be a human being? Without mind that does not reflect the spiritual world, can I be a human being?
The answer was the final change in July 2005.
Since I did not have a child spirit of deities, I became a vessel of deities first, and finally a vessel of the origin god called Ushitoranokonjin. And I was made to carry the cross. Or I made a soul to take the responsibility in myself. In order to eliminate the story of god that has eternity, human consciousness and body were needed.
Moreover, there was a mythology that I was given only a space for mind. Without reflecting the spiritual world there was only a space for mind, which meant that my mind was a mirror to reflect this physical universe. In other words, I was tested for the next human model. And it was proved that humans could exceed the story of god and have the ability to continue their spiritual evolution in this universe. To explain more plainly, this change was promised three thousand years ago. The following human step will verify this change.

Finally, I know that many things that I told in “The Final Knowledge” have already been in the deep bottom of human consciousness. Humans will exceed the mythology of god’s children and become human children. The rule that to know means to carry leads to the path to a human child, which is the path of light.
The path exceeds the limit for human knowledge to reach, links to before the beginning and links to after the end. Thus this universe has gotten the consciousness to think about the general picture of the universe after taking 13.7 billion years from its birth.
The meaning of human existence that has a body and consciousness is there.