The Final Knowledge (17)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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Many of the human souls are not able to leave the dark sphere of gravity on the earth at once and to advance to the next stage. Only those who want to advance do so. Only those who want to know do so. However, to know means to carry. After knowing that, you are told to write your name down in the book of life. That becomes a new covenant.
As a matter of fact, humans are linked to the time and space of this universe with their minds. As long as there is a field of mind, their souls are linked there. Once deities sent their child-spirits into the field of mind and had influence on the human world. In the background of it there was a filter of the spiritual world. It disappeared and then human mind reflects the substantial universe which is the physical world. The spiritual energy with an evolutional vector certainly exists there. And, even now only the sword of light as a symbol of love, courage and justice is put in the sphere of light. It symbolizes the legitimate right to dominate or rule this universe which is the united universe of physical and spiritual energy, and the one who holds this god’s sword becomes the unity with the god of this universe. The god’s sword that became my support to survive the fight in the spiritual world by holding it is now in the place where anyone can hold it.
If someone who holds it appears, it will be possible for the person to have the same ability as mine. From now on, it will be the time that anyone can approach the ability.
“The Final Knowledge” is for the next generation to start from my attainment point or what I could know. As I mentioned before, I started from the point that Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad were human beings. And I am also a human being. If this knowledge is the starting point, at least trials can be minimized in the spiritual field. That was the story and the mission that I was given. I contacted the deities on the earth as a human being without mitama (spirit) or mind at the beginning period of my god-work. In short, that was a new human model.