The Final Knowledge (16)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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It might be said that my master existence advanced this human spiritual world to the final process by Ushitoranokonjin’s final declaration. After the conversion to here, my master existence conveyed a little mysterious message.

“A new heaven has been made.”

Again, a vision was sent into my head. It was the image of Egypt. Ancient people had knowledge that their names fixed their souls. The reason why Pharaohs in ancient Egypt clung to life after death so much was that they knew that physical death was not the end. And, ancient Egyptian thought that their souls would lose their place to go without telling their names. It was the truth of one side in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, the book of life surely existed. It is a kind of book of covenant in which god fulfills a promise to people whose names are written down.
The souls whose names are written down in the book of life are inheriting the kingdom, which is Jesus’ words. This promise is being fulfilled now and will be also from now on. My master existence is trying to make a new heaven as a program for such good souls’ growth in the following era.

“Write down your name in the new book of life.
A soul that wants to walk in the path of light
will be healed in light even away from its body
and to time and place suitable for the soul’s growth,
will be sent with the program of light.”