The Final Knowledge (15)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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Since the beginning, humans have been the existence that has already exceeded the origin god in their potential ability. Their spiritual level was prescribed by the filter of the spiritual world, though. This filter was left until it was judged by the origin god that humans could separate light from darkness in the mind activity of humans who are the children of god. If humans accept that god that humans have made contact with is neither omniscient nor omnipotent, and yet rightly think about the meaning of that the spiritual world has existed, they must find out that every human being as the child of this god is in fact asked to carry both the story created by this god and the events in the reality that is the history in the human world, as a certain kind of cross.
In this universe, there exists a clear will that makes them compensate even though it takes ten billion years. There is an absolute rule of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. This is applied to every conscious being. To carry out the program that is the elimination of this spiritual world, my master existence made another important decision. It is the rule to give judgment to the devil that is one of the existence forms originating in the origin god. The devil had utterly been left up to now. From now on, the devil is also linked to the human soul.
When the human mind reflects this universe without the filter of the spiritual world, light and darkness are there. The consciousness of light comes to divinity and the consciousness of darkness comes to evil nature. The place for a fight of light and darkness will be a microcosm that is a human mind.
The devil linked to the human mind is never able to escape from there any more. So far many humans have sold their souls to the devil and have lived. The existence of the devil grounds only in the nature of the origin god’s mythology that allows the devil to exist for the purpose to deny god, at the same time, try humans and make them learn in ordeals. When this premise changed, the devil also was asked for taking a responsibility as a conscious being.
Naturally, on the background of such a conversion, there is a reality that the master of the words of darkness that is a new dominant group of human mind darkness was born from humans as I mentioned before. Human subconsciousness conceals magic power, or intense wish to fulfill their desire that is to use the devil for its own sake.
At this point, if the secret of human mind is revealed and the number of humans who abuse the usage of that energy increases, the earth itself will become the place of darkness. The decision that the devil is linked to human soul is the only barrier to it.