The Final Knowledge (14)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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The three-thousand world, plum blossoms blooming at once…. Suddenly, the image of Deguchi Wanisaburo appeared with the phrase and he told me that the three-thousand world means three thousand years. The covenant was made three thousands years ago. The phrase continued and I could completely understand the entire image of the story.
My mythology started from having its origin in the conscious being exploring the earth that came into existence at the Southern Cross three thousands years ago. That conscious being is not the one that made a covenant with this earth. The one that made a covenant is the one that provided this universe as the place for the story of god and deities, or the one that is observing the spiritual evolution of this universe from outside. The existence that made my origin is my master existence.  And, that existence made decisions on eliminating the god world, the evil world, and finally the spiritual world that is another universe, and carry them out at every stage.
Every existence in the spiritual world that I have made contact with so far originates in the origin god whose name is Ushitoranokonjin, and there was no word of elimination in the rule of this origin god. Ushitoranokonjin hoped to take responsibility and eliminate both himself and what he made himself. To put it plainly, that is the schedule of spiritual evolution expressed in the word of the Last Judgment.
Humans who have a body are given the ability to realize image and stories created in their brain. However, they are also given the ability to examine and simulate, so to speak, a virtual world that is made in their brain. That was the ability which conscious being that is the unity of light and darkness existing only in the spiritual world does not have. The human body that has a brain can eliminate thoughts.
I reconsidered the phrase that awoken human consciousness is the strongest. And I found out again that the very law of spiritual evolution from life to consciousness in this universe, which only the existence form of humans can separate light from darkness, is the manifestation of the ultimate will.