The Final Knowledge (74)

Chapter Six


(Web page 19/51)
(Book page 474~475)

Then, my companion’s mood changed and the one with a strange laughter appeared again.

“Ha-ha-ha the enemy is you”

I called back her sound consciousness again. I knew that it would come back if I called it. That was only a story by the covenant between the celestial sky and the ground. However, that was real for her. She was frightened of her inner insanity, and trying to leave the playing part of the leading role of her body and consciousness in order to escape from it.

You can not leave
If you die now
you will be closed
with the sense of the darkness and insanity
Only while you have your body
you have chance
You will be healed
or you are already healed
Because you divide yourself
between light and darkness
you are almost there