The Final Knowledge (12)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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Originally, this space was born by one god’s spirit of the words 5.67 billion years ago. Firstly, that god in a figure of dragon made his wife god in the same figure and created the universe. Next, he made Hinokami (the god of the sun) and Tsukinokami (the god of the moon) as the gods to supervise the celestial sky and the ground, and he presided over the ground ghost world that was the spiritual world on the earth with his wife god.
However, the ground ghost world fell into disorder as time passed and evil and vicious deities prevailed. Because it was disturbed so badly that it became out of control, the god who presided over this ground ghost world took action to destroy everything finally. Furthermore, this god took full responsibility himself and had gone farther to the bottom end with his wife god, and then evil and vicious deities who caused the ruin were permitted to revive.
It was Wanisaburo’s standpoint that the story occurred on the ground ghost world was happening in different form as human history on the actual earth. In other words, it was the standpoint that the story in human history that crucified Jesus redeemed all the human sin originated in this god’s way of taking responsibility. And also, Wanisaburo took Susanoo in Ancient Chronicles of Japan to be the one to protest against the celestial sky as a spokesperson of the ground and saw his violence as the symbol of humans. Susanoo resulted in taking the sin and being banished, but the image of Susanoo who was on the side of humans or the ground although he was god was created there. It meant the rebellion against the domination of deities like Prometheus in Greek mythology. If the story that the origin god who created all deities caused the ruin and took responsibility to punish himself was laid in the starting point of these myths as Wanisaburo insisted, the mythology would show completely different standpoint. The mythology itself that was supposed to insist on legitimacy for the domination of the ground, causing a Copernican revolution, proved injustice for the domination.
It is absolutely correct that the position of taking responsibility indeed lies in the origin of the god, which is Wanisaburo’s starting point. This position naturally belongs to Wanisaburo’s god grade, but this standpoint had not been introduced to any religions till then. And, by the proclamation that the origin god takes responsibility, the god’s message that is the reconstruction of Sanzensekai (Buddhist cosmology) has mythical legitimacy. However, this proclamation of revolution in the god world came to an end by halves because of Japan’s defeat in 1945 and Wanisaburo’s death in 1947, and it was buried in history. There clearly appears the decline of energy by Wanisaburo’s god grade. In a sense, I succeeded Wanisaburo’s knowledge, but my role started from the point of knowing that the origin god who insisted that he presided over the spiritual world on the earth was also the union of light and darkness.
Thus, the story advanced and Ushitoranokonjin was active in me from 1995 to 2005. This origin god was trying to take his own responsibility by leaving the story of deities and god he created himself to my master existence through me. I truly understood the meaning of the proclamation of revolution by this origin god by the explanation on July 14, 2005.