The Final Knowledge (11)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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At the same time, as if I had been left behind the times, I adhered to god. I had to reconsider the fact that the power of darkness surrounding me kept increasing.
I found myself influenced by the energy of the origin god that I received at Great Hanshin Earthquake. Or properly, I found that fact by the notification from Ushitoranokonjin. By that notification, I knew that the covenant completely finished.
At the same time, however, I knew where human darkness, which I had adhered to and tried to solve since 1995, came from. It required no less than ten years.
And also, I thought that the mystery of my ultimate existence form was solved. In order to describe it, I have to go back again to the theme, the system of Nihon (Japan). It is about the appeal from the side of deities to the human world, which happened around the Meiji Restoration that is the turning point of the times in this country.
Suppose that Ise is the representative of the celestial sky and Izumo the representative of the ground for the time being. Then, the celestial sky and the ground move in response to each other. When Ise aroused people’s energy such as Okagemairi (the worship for favor), the side of Susanoo-god started the appeal to the human world at Izumo shrine. It was gradually leaded to the movement known as Izumo Oyashirokyo.
After that, the god of the celestial sky or Amaterasu lineage, Kurozumikyo, and the god of the ground or Susanoo lineage, Konkokyo, appeared. Kurozumikyo, whose founder is Kurozumi Munetada, taught that all humans are the children of god who are given a child-spirit of the god of the sun. It is told that this Kurozumi Munetada did a lot of miracles. The founder of Konkokyo is Kawade Bunjiro, who changed his name later to Akazawa Bunji, finally Konko Daijin in the family register, and it is told that he also did many miracles. It was how they should be to redeem humans by the power of god.
Next, in Tenrikyo, whose founder is Nakayama Miki, god having a quite original myth called the myth of Kohuki rose in the world. And god insisted on the reconstruction of the world and the founder relieved people. God had been sealed, which means that god had the lineage of the god of the ground. Then, Oomotokyo appeared. The founders of Oomotokyo are Deguchi Nao and Deguchi Wanisaburo. It is said that Deguchi Nao became possessed by the god of the sun Amaterasu lineage of Ushitoranokonjin, and Deguchi Wanisaburo became possessed by the god of the moon Susanoo lineage. Behind this assertion that the reconstruction of the world cannot be done without the cooperation between the god of the celestial sky and the god of the ground, the process that each godhead had appealed to humans were properly reflected. By Deguchi Nao’s automatic writing, new concept that was the statesmanship of the celestial sky and the ground, and the system of the vertical and the horizontal is shown. The following is Wanisaburo’s explanation of that.