The Final Knowledge (84)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 489~490)

The one prepared it to happen on the set day, and it was expressed there that the one was ready to bear all the sin. If the energy of rei-kai (the ghost world) had been used in this program, the destruction of the human world or this world that humans were conscious of would surely have been brought all at once. To put it simply, it would have started from the story of Noah’s Ark again. However, if so, the humans would have been back to the circle again. Awake humans who have come all the way to this point righteously. That was the will.
Thus, I faced human rei-kai (the ghost world) which I had been told not to touch or be concerned with since I had started shin-gyo (god-work). It was the ghost world of departed people. It was one place that was beyond the near-death experience in which they were led by light to the flower field. Light was also there, and the eternity of illusion created by human thoughts and feelings was there. It must have been heaven for the ghosts of dead people that believed they were innocent. It might have been hell for those that admit their sin in themselves. However, human rei-kai (the ghost world) has no pyramid structure, no rules, or no guards. It was chaos left uncared for. There were only thoughts and feelings but no thinking. Some ghosts of departed people abandoned on the ground became things called yurei and appeared in front of humans. Some evil ones possessed humans and tried to drag into death, but most of them appeared to ask humans for salvation. They complained that they were struggling but they had nowhere to go.
I was made to raise ghosts to the sky at the beginning of shin-gyo (god-work). At that point, there existed a system that even the ghosts of the departed people, if they had a certain level of light energy, ascended to the celestial sky, were purified there, vapored, and fell on the ground as rain, and in an innocent and purified condition, they regenerated in the human world out of the place like a hot spring after spending a long long time underground. I felt that the purification system of human ghosts by nature on the assumption of ooharae (purification) no norito (words) was magnificent. However, this system functioned under the existence of Sasura-hime as a leading role and other gods that supervised the purification after death. The system did not functioned until gods and humans harmonized and the one that was able to use “kotodama” (soul of the words) existed. When shin-kai (the god world) disappeared, this system went out of use. As long as the program of purification and rebirth existed, it promised eternity in the circle.