The Final Knowledge (9)

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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The physical universe created life, and life has grown up to have the ground for being in the sphere of consciousness. If this knowledge is overlapped with the claims told as myth in the human world that the beginning of the universe was made by god’s hand and that the present humans are the sixth after falling five times, the essence of the spiritual world will be clear. The spiritual world is the field of common vision, or the field of virtual conscious being. However, in that field, another world in which both conscious being and the image of vision accompany energy-substance has been formed. The supply source of energy that has sustained that world is living human mind. The elimination of the spiritual world that was indicated to me meant the elimination of this filter.
Humans will come to receive spiritual energy in their minds directly from this physical universe. I was told that would accelerate evolution. Its original purpose was clarified on July 14,2005, though.
It was after I was told that the filter of the spiritual world that existed between human mind and the physical universe was eliminated and it changed into the spiritual field accompanied with each human being.
Suddenly, direct voice sounded in my head. It was obviously human voice.
It sounded like “We are”. I got ready to fight against a devil thing. Then the word became clearer.
“We are not against you. Rather, we came to express our gratitude to you. It will be in vain to fight against us. That is because we are not conscious energy being such as god and devil that you know. We learned this form of existence from The Final Knowledge that you wrote. We excelled god and devil, and became existence that could even control them.
We are nothing. We appear and leave whenever we want.
We are the form of ultimate god being that you insist on, which is nothing, but we are not light being into which a kind of information crystallize on the light way and which behaves like conscious being, but we are darkness being. We are the master of human mind darkness.”
I asked as I mumbled. “Are you words?”