The Final Knowledge (7)

いつも、The Final Knowledgeを読んでいただき、ありがとうございます。

Closing Chapter
【The completion of knowledge】

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On July 2nd, 2005, I got clear words and direction from my master existence about The Final Knowledge.

“The spiritual world will be eliminated.”

I did not understand the meaning of this being eliminated at first. The god world has already gone, the disposition of the evil world has done, and the ghost world is fated to be absorbed into the human world before long. However, it was intentionally said that it would be eliminated. In my thinking head the voice sounded, “It is human mind.” Then, the vision followed.
Human mind is the mirror to reflect the universe. I already know that.
Because it reflects the universe, in human mind light dwells, and darkness dwells.
The use of this human mind energy was indeed the main theme of the god and deities in the space-time that I call the story-universe.
The god and deities have made up the story on the assumption that they do not let humans know about this mind energy. However, this information gradually flowed out to the sphere of human knowledge. That has become the mind control of religious cults and has been used in the business system created by charismatic business people and successful people. Those who are able to control many human minds enhance far more power, and the ability to dominate and to store up wealth. In order to collect a lot of mind energy in a microcosm of one human mind, motivation is needed, which makes them to leave their own minds to one person’s mind and make them feel to want some security. In religion, that is the keyword of saving, and in business, the keyword of success. The relationship between humans who leave a part of or the whole of their own mind energy and their leader is the pyramid structure of the god world itself. A kind of energy surely dwells there.