The Final Knowledge (6)

There are closing words in the beginning.
【The universe as a story】

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“Write this down. Tell people that the word I tell you now is the only way to approach the one whom people call god.”

I am the one to come to light and to be led to light
Power against light to my consciousness
Power against light to my body
Leave my consciousness and body

I ascend to light
Light to my consciousness, light to my body
I ascend to light
Light to my consciousness, light to my body

Closing my eyes and repeating the word, I purified myself with light and I made my consciousness and body ascend, and then I was surrounded by comfort bathed in bright light, and the sphere of consciousness, or the horizon, which evil thoughts could not invade was there. I found that this is the original place for humans to think and pray. I also found out that light which can be called the god data system at that level comes to me when I ascend higher.
However, in the spiritual energy field that humans perceive, the word called light is troublesome. Some kind of light exists originally in the god world, also in the devil world, in the underworld and in the human world. Humans have an ability to create things such as light by the potential characteristic of the god’s child.
Since Jesus said that he was light, humans have kept on seeking for light. I came across light. I can use light. Those who claim such things constantly have appeared since old times. In my view, because those powers that are mere energy at the level of electromagnetic waves that humans create can cure disease, humans have continued to make mistakes.
I was made to learn all these things in my god-work. Human potential is as high as humans can bend spoons, transmit telepathy, cure disease, invade and manipulate other people’s consciousness with ease. Until the time to know rightly comes, these things have been placed beyond the mysterious veil because it is too dangerous.
Right knowledge only will foster the ability to avoid that risk within humans.
Human steps so far on the earth were to learn that this universe was the place for one story. This book written to learn that was named “The Final Knowledge” by the only god. I pray that you who read this book deeply know that meaning.

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