The Final Knowledge (5)

There are closing words in the beginning.
【The universe as a story】

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The physical universe of human recognition was created by Big Bang after the fluctuation from nothing. There is another way to recognize it as a coincidence. Which way to chose is left to each human being’s completely free will.
That is the will of the only god.
The children of humans are completely free. They are even free from the only god.
In the world of human child, there must never be a confrontation in the name of god.
That is the will of the only god.
The way of the only god is the way of humans who intuitively know that there is a will acting to simply admit the vector of awakening in this physical universe and to hope to find out everything.
That is the way of humans who are conscious of one will behind human characteristics that they are born knowing nothing, learn, and intend to know where they are from and where they are going, and behind the time axis of material, life, and knowledge in the physical universe. That is the way to think that if the beginning of the universe is one point, the will acting there will also be the only one.
I tell you the words imparted to me by my master existence for those who hope to take part in the world of human child which is promised to come before long as awoken human children to enable them to reach the place to pray rightly. When my role shifted from learning and knowing the god world to taking it, the words were sent to me with the following vision.
First, I could see the dark earth and understood that human thoughts and feelings covering the earth formed innumerable layers. It got darker to the lower part, and in the bottom the darkness whirled as heavily and viscously as sludge. The words came there.
“Right human prayer comes through this darkness but light does not reach. “
And I could see myself ascend to the sphere of light in the spiritual world. The whole body was radiating and ascending like a rocket in the darkness. The words came again.