The Final Knowledge (73)

Chapter Six


(Web page 18/51)
(Book page 472~474)

To my companion pointing at me and laughing, I talked.

One with sound consciousness
One with light consciousness
If it is there, answer

My companion came to herself and answered in a sane voice.


Knowing that the insanity was straining its ears, I talked to her sane consciousness.

Within you Armageddon
or the final war began
Now by evil one
the leadership of your body is taken
and you are seized with insanity
even though you are so
you will never disappear
You will never fail
to come back to sane
It will be easy if you remain insane
you will never fail
to come back to sane
that the one dwelling within you
in order to make the awoken consciousness sleep
and frankly to kill that consciousness
is your enemy