The Final Knowledge (4)

There are closing words in the beginning.
【The universe as a story】

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Along this story, various kinds of godship have been concerned with humans on the earth in various ages. The human history is the god’s story at the same time.
My god-work was to integrate gods again and liberate the human spirit from the spell of the god’s story by changing the fragments of the god’s information in the spiritual world not into energy but into knowledge. Those fragments of the god’s information had split in pieces, had taken part in the human world with having certain partial characteristics, and had exerted dominant power.
Humans have lived so far without being conscious of the fact that humans are the offspring of deities who are the children of the origin god who killed and sealed the origin god for good or evil. The recognition of the child of god exists in a lot of religious knowledge and it was also told that humans are the vessels of god. Nevertheless, it means that humans are extremely dangerous existence that has the potential quality to approach god’s quality and demonstrate it. If humans are the children of deities who sealed the origin god, humans can also seal deities. At the same time, it is also possible for humans to steal the knowledge of the spiritual world with which gods ruled humans and to control other human consciousness. And those things actually occurred. Provided that humans were the existence that was completely ignorant and helpless in the spiritual world, Biblically said, what would not have happened unless Eve had eaten the fruit of knowledge of good and evil started.
I tell you that the original sin of Adam and Eve is theological fiction that humans created. Humans’ original sin stems from the point that humans are the children of gods who sealed the origin god, and Jesus was crucified to make humans know about it. It is also said that the event and story in the spiritual world on the earth realized in this physical world.
My god-work to understand all these things is also a story. However, this story is not what was created in my head but what is told humans as a map to walk by themselves on the horizon of knowledge in the spiritual world, such as
the connection between the reality and the spiritual world, the perceptibility and handling of all kinds of spiritual energy and others, which was not permitted for humans to know until then. I repeat that everything that is described in this book already occurred in the spiritual energy field that is paired with this physical world. What occurred there definitely occurs in the human world with a certain kind of time difference. In that sense, this story can be the last prophecy that the god who has become the only one gives to human spirit.
Knowing this correctly, humans will become not the children of god but the children of humans.
As the children of humans, whether they make a new covenant with the only god or not is left to human will that is completely liberated.
That has been the god’s will since the beginning.