The Final Knowledge (85)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 490~492)

If one takes the standpoint that ghosts and souls are immortal, after the Last Judgment, the one that reaches destruction has to be kept to be burned in the eternal hellfire. The very fantasy of the eternity was the reason for the existence of the spiritual world on this ground. My master existence told me that it is the Judgment to break that eternity. Those who want the eternity will be shut up in the everlasting darkness. It was for the sake of warning to express the new hell and the eternal darkness through my companion’s consciousness and body to let all the conscious beings on this ground recognize it. The ones that cast off the yoke of the past and develop their spirit as living human beings will be going away into light someday. Now, the will works there to return the ones that were human beings in the past and want to choose to learn as human beings back to life as much as possible. That is nothing but love.
I sent light to rei-kai (the ghost world) and conveyed this message. There is no time. This is the last opportunity. The time will end when living human beings existed as the servants of rei-kai (the ghost world). From the time before the Pyramids, there was the fantasy on the basis of the human culture that the dead were able to keep their comfortable time after death with the service of the living people. There was knowledge that they would have curses if they did not honor and calm down the ghosts of the dead. However, that rule of the spiritual world was too old. That had been with animism, long before the time when the gods, conveying knowledge to human beings and making them build the sanctuaries and cities, interfered the ground. Even now, humans who have not polluted by civilization live with seirei (natural spirits or souls), inherit their spiritual world in which they are reborn and keep having their lives, and live in the circle. It is the past sphere of the spiritual world. However, there is no stay of the ghosts in that sphere. The humans in the world with the religious concept of shin-kai (the god world) and bukkai (Buddhist world) have had their ghosts accumulated. Rei-kai (the ghost world) which is in the distortion was the place to go for those who live and die in the culture or civilization corresponding to the spiritual world where heavens and hells are assumed and human souls are judged. It has become the place of strong energy created by human beings. A great King of Terror that Nostradamus predicted is the program that gives a new story to the energy of the ghost of the dead at this place and return it to each human being. It is the program to make humans have major depressive disorder. The energy of the ghost of the dead tempts living humans to death. If it is released globally, the desire for ruin occurs in the collective unconscious area. Its material was been prepared enough by the atrocities of two world wars and the concentration camps. It is the feelings that humans themselves should punish other humans.
I deeply sympathized with the white wizard that humanly created this program. The thread of causality tangled this much would be regenerated faster by burning up than reeling up again rightly. They would learn faster by learning again in the process of regeneration. However, my master existence, shin-kai (the god world) on this ground, and also Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) rejected it as a shallow human knowledge. Revelation of the New Testament predicts the second death of humans and says that the sea gave up its dead, and death and the world of the dead also gave up the dead they held, and all were judged according to the book of the living.
What have the human origin are not allowed to participate in this judgment. That is because all the dead are judged according to the truth recorded in their ghosts. The energy of the ghost of the dead is used in order to reproduce the sense of the hell for the souls that should receive punishment, but should not be used to lead the living humans to ruin.
That is the will.