The Final Knowledge (113)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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To increase evil energy, a physical information system has to be utilized along with creation of a brain circuit. The key to it is pain. My companion was continuously given actual physical pain in order to amplify the energy of ma-kai (the evil world). Physical torture is the most shameful act that is given to humans by humans, but this system learned by ma-kai (the evil world) in the human history was used in the relationship between her consciousness and body.
Before something happened, she always complained of pain. At first, it was mainly a headache. Then she started to complain of systemic pain after release of the energy from “Kunitokotachi“. The information system of pain sensation plays an extremely important role in the existence of humans. For example, physical pain from injury informs us a significant problem there. If there were no pain, the sight of spurting blood would make nobody stop bleeding until they were aware of mortal danger. The physical information network holistically and quickly responds to even a single injury. Normal people consider this function to be unconscious because it happens in the area where they are unaware of themselves thinking as the self. However, human bodies have physical conscious networks to respond to energy of the spiritual world. As the knowledge of how this function can work in an extreme condition, for example, there are stigmata by the religious.
In Christian cultures, the deeply religious sometimes show wounds that were inflicted on Jesus. They are a kind of miracles that, for example, some show wounds from crown of thorns on the forehead and others show wounds in the palms from nails during his crucifixion with the blood from them. I know that the power to do miracles, or what makes them manifest, is the power of those people’s faith. God does not manifest those physical wounds on god’s will. Those people pray for sharing the crucifixion pain of Jesus in their deep faith. They pray that they want to get even a little closer to Jesus through sharing the pain. When the prayer reaches a certain level, it gains power to act on even cell tissue of a body. The body produces changes like stigmata. However, those stigmata come from the visions of Jesus on his crucifixion known in sculptures and paintings. As historians point out, it is not enough to insert nails in the hands in order to fix the body to the cross. That just splits the hands because of the body weight. In Roman times, nails were inserted under wrists. However, some reports of miracles of stigmata say that blood comes from palms. There is a clue in reproducing the crafted image of the crucifixion to understand the miracle of stigmata. It occurred because the religious invoked it. That is a testament of faith. However, it does not mean that Jesus or the Father has showed a proof of god on the body. It can happen within the contact between human consciousness and body. It is one reflection of the human potentials. It was the same physical changes with pain, but what the one of ma-kai (the evil world) did on my companion’s body used as a stage was the exact opposite of that. Humans have acted in an endless number of criminal ways to others in history to force them to forsake the faith. Physical pain by torture, social persecution, intimidation of life, and multicide. The point of inflicters is consistent. Ask your god, if any, for help.

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