The Final Knowledge (65)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 460~462)

The energy radiated to me through my companion was all returned to dust. The nature of the energy was that my body could purify. That was because the energy stemmed from human thoughts and feelings. My master existence made me of a human being take the disposal of the entire energy of ma-kai (the evil world) which had been created on the earth in the past and the energy of the human dark story which nobody could take responsibility for. It was based on the rule that to know means to take. Since I was given the data of Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness), that was my duty. Unless this energy was reduced to the amount that the whole human world could take, mass madness would happen again. The time would unconsciously raise the common illusion, and the devilish charisma would allow humans to use the power. Room for the excuse allowing humans to say that it is not their fault would be left.
Then it was over. The day to break the network of ma-kai (the evil world), kekkai (sacred shield), came. That was the day when I told my companion that the Judgment would begin. I murmured as I talked to myself but intended the existence in ma-kai (the evil world) to hear.

Ma-kai (the evil world) has already disappeared
and it has shifted to the human world.

It stirred up a hornet’s nest in ma-kai (the evil world). A strange information flowed into the network which was used to correct energy in my companion. There is no ma-kai (the evil world). Toward 1999, the network of ma-kai (the evil world) planting the illusion which was the foundation of the evil power into the human unconscious area surely existed. However, the conscious beings union of ma-kai (the evil world) that loved the final war was not ma-kai (the evil world) under Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness). And some noticed. They were just moving among humans.