The Final Knowledge (2)

There are closing words in the beginning.
【The universe as a story】


 I knew that the day would come. I set one hypothesis in my life. When I was in the worst period of my mind, a kind of revelation of that I was the one who would describe the following book of the Bible came to me. By this revelation, I gained the power to live. The hypothesis I set was that humans are able to encounter the god by thinking thoroughly about the god. Beyond ultimate thought, the point of contact with the god is discovered. I felt the revelation told me to live for that. Soon after that, I started to experience various kinds of power that formed spiritual world on the earth in the real life so that I could understand it. Many types of people with supernatural power showed up and left. Many of them did not come to me of their own will. They repeatedly attempted to draw me in led by other power, and failed and left. I was made to learn humans’ evil side. However, it was only a preparation to shortly step into a genuine evil field that existed in the spiritual world. During this period of learning, I found the key to understand the spiritual world as knowledge in the story of Japanese deities.
Further back than that, I had found a certain rule in my thought. It was that I was able to reach the breakthrough point where I could instantaneously see the whole, after I kept thinking in a kind of meditative state, when I felt not to be able to go forward unless I knew a certain thing. Moreover, the knowledge I must have known was always found in a book or a document in front of me as if it was by chance.
I could realize the adjustment of the past knowledge was completed and the thought system that had continued to be active for more than 20 years also became calm. Perceiving the undulation whirling in the human world was being colored with chaos and frenzy, I prayed and waited, because that was the rule I learned from the past knowledge.
From the beginning, I knew my turn would come last. And when it came, I also knew I would be summoned into a divine activity in the shape of a mystical experience whether I liked it or not as I had been so in the past.
When I am ready, and when the god is ready, I am summoned.
Until then, I kept thinking about the god = GOD based on the past events and fragmentary knowledge. The human race came to the stage that would advance nowhere without solving the question of the god = GOD. It was the starting point of this thought.
Humans have repeated innumerable massacres in the name of god since the past. Religion continues to encourage racial conflicts and geometrically increase abhorrence. I could not understand the reason why the god = GOD should so deeply have concerned with the human history.
Will the god take responsibility for this misery on the earth?
Only the world of the god has the answer.

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