The Final Knowledge (109)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 389~391)

To live and to take part in the changing times are not equal. People can not distinguish between the two because they do not correctly understand the difference between the fields of spiritual energy in the human world and of the spiritual world. Most humans are mainly interested in the issues of their inner human ghosts that are called the memory of the previous lives. It makes the truth vanish far off in the distance to approach this theme with the term god.
It is impossible to understand the true nature of the issue about human ghosts or souls unless they start from the point of what they exist for. In other words, if one person feels that he or she has been born to fulfill a role, each person reaches a different stage by playing the part.
Regular people develop their own souls by fulfilling the roles. Those who are willing to be born as humans in order to fulfill their roles are what used to be called mikotomochi. Because people can not even discriminate those two, they easily go into the labyrinth and fall into ma-kai (the evil world). Most humans live with a vague recognition of the self or the subject of the consciousness defining oneself. Without establishing it, they must not get involved in the spiritual world, though. They would shortly lose their grasp on themselves. If they meet a certain type of energy in this state, they will easily metamorphose into evil recipients.
What is needed here is to be conscious of the self as a lead role in life, which is the reason for life, or what I call the existence form of the soul. It is not until recognizing this existence form of the soul that they become able to separate self-derived things and other things among many kinds of thoughts and feelings occurring to their heads.
I have been taught the term, spiritual immunity. Spirit, true to the term, is consciousness created out of purified spiritual practice. I admit it as spirit only that recognition thinking ability, including human rational nature, and intrinsic divine nature grow into one.
Unless humans have what I call the spirit, they will never be able to have immunity to all kinds of energy in the spiritual world. The human physical immune system must consist of the information system distinguishing oneself from others and the capability to eliminate and resolve foreign substances out of the body.
Humans are also meant to be able to combat the energy of the spiritual world with this physical immune system. The human body acts as the system to purify dark and evil energy after they have awakened.
Sorting it out from the starting point, the human body and consciousness work as a generator for the energy of the spiritual world under certain conditions. The generating system works also as the removal system through converting the energy into something like mass.
This is the concept of what I call the spiritual immunity.