The Final Knowledge (78)

Chapter Six


(Web page 23/51)
(Book page 478~480)

One day, my companion fell down. She resisted the force to open her mouth and laugh, and asked desperately for help. She did not ask me but my master existence. I felt her limitations in the fight happening in front of me, so I also prayed for her.
Revelation came. I received the directions that I found my companion’s mitama (spirit) which was the protagonist of her consciousness and body out of the microcosm of her consciousness, and made it establish. It is said that only I could do it. I did not go up but down. The microcosm of my companion’s consciousness was at the bottom of ma-kai (the evil world). Her infant mitama (spirit) was in a place like a small room which was shut up by evil thoughts and feelings.

“I hate god”

That thought was sent to me. I lit it.

“I hate god
I asked god
to help me
but god did not help me
I was taken to
a dark and scary place
God did not help me”

Those words were uttered from the mouth of my companion who was lying down. When I opened my eyes, she was sucking her thumb on the sofa like an infant. Evil power was trying to force her mouth open and her laugh. I talked to both her consciousness and body.