The Final Knowledge (57)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 449~451)

Human material civilization with the rule that the ones in this world do not know the things in the other world is starting to fall apart because of the disappearance of this boundary. Soon, humans will find that there is no destination for the dead souls.
The spiritual world of the earth used to have the pool of souls which is the ghost world ready for the Judgment. I know that there were heaven and also hell there. Human ghosts were put there in a state of the period of reflection for a certain time. When the time came, the ones programmed to transmigrate was born into the human world again. Some did not transmigrate but they were the ones whose next timing to learn was decided to be the time for the Judgment. Humans have called the place heaven. The ones in the human ghost world, however, return to the state of living again. Then the Judgment will come. The human ghost world is next to the human spiritual world and it is the place to change over. It is the different place from the god world or the evil world. It was, so to speak, the destination for the souls of ordinary people, but the door was going to close.
Before Jesus, for example, in Egypt humans had believed to be judged right after the death. Jesus declared that humans would be judged first time at the Last Judgment. I noticed then. Before starting the god-work, I had been reminded not to get mixed up with human ghosts. Still, I contacted some through the companion out of curiosity when I gained ability. I called my favorite novelist and poet, but their consciousness was sleeping. I could see that they just stayed there. If they were exposed to light, they would be activated, but it was the extension of the consciousness in their lifetime, so they did not know something, for example, about god.
The ghost is a pack of wishes. The story impressed on the soul of each human being is kept in the human ghost. That is the memory and it is like a written report for the Judgment. That means not to be concerned with it nor to touch it. Humans are easily able to change the story in their brain, but in the memory which is the ghost kept after death, even the working of their heart in the process of changing the story for the self protection remains.
The human ghost world consists of layers according to the souls, but they have not had the Judgment. That is why I have longed for the Last Judgment.