The Final Knowledge (108)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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While I was living as a sort of evacuee from the earthquake, I knew that the energy of “Kunitokotachi” was blowing up kekkai (sacred shield) of common illusion enveloping the whole of Japan like a cocoon. It seemed to give a sense of crisis and impatience more than the motivation of Meiji Restration to some people with a kind of sensitive ability. It reached them that it was a transformation of Japanese history itself rather than the one since Meiji Restration. Although it was certainly about the part of subconscious, it became clear to everyone that Japan’s social system would actually fall apart. Japan’s governing system which did not change even after the defeat against America seemed to be stable on Japanese cultural characteristics which did not have to take responsibility for anyone.
Some people gradually began to notice that the social system in which nobody took blame would let this country crumble. The form of this country where nobody had to assume responsibility for starting the war has to perish. “Amaterasu” of Ise went to Okinawa to take the blame. After “Amaterasu” left, “Kunitokotachi” that had been a sealed god came out on the ground of Japan at last. This deity is the presider god of the earth.
It is the deity that has declared reconstruction from the abyss. I was observing with interest if the energy of “Kunitokotachi” would activate some religious organizations that originally derived from that deity. I was slightly disappointed to know that hardly anyone sympathized with it. Nobody had been connected. It was a proof of what I was taught, though. The circuits of the people who had some connection to god and deities were supposed to be cut off at the time of the extinction of shin-kai (the god world). However, it did not mean that nobody responded to the course of the revolution of shin-kai (the god world) that was a valuable prediction. It occurred to those who lived almost independently of the spiritual world.
Some of those people came and asked me if they had some roles to fulfill in revolutionary times. Many of them had programs of their thoughts or life memories to live in the reformation in their innermost souls. It can not be simply called the memory of their previous life. The issues of human ghosts and the program of souls are not equal. Furthermore, even if they had a program, they were not ready for it to start. There are a lot of humans who have been born to take their part in the era of change. I could read the program but I did not tell them about it. It is to keep it secret until everything ends.