The Final Knowledge (71)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 469~470)


Right after 1999 started, the companion’s mental condition got worse. Her tears flowed ceaselessly.
She started suffering from insomnia. At the same time, the pattern that she had complained of a headache or the bad condition after picking a fight with me and she had fallen into a coma changed. The coma was no longer safe with no consciousness, and the memory that she experienced the bottom of ma-kai (the evil world) and the hell was left even when she was lying. Her body did not move not because of sleep paralysis. She tried to move her body somehow and ask for help but her body had no reaction. It was similar to a kind of out-of-body experience and she knew what I was doing. Her body was asleep but her consciousness was awake. I told her the following, knowing that it could be a threat.

If you do not repent immediately
you will suffer more
You will live in the hell
You will be in the hell even after death

The system of the brain and the body, whose function were evolved to the utmost limit in order to create the energy of the spiritual world with the system on the ground, began to run recklessly. It was a matter of time before she would have many kinds of symptoms of mental disease, which have been known in the human world. First, she began to be seized with an obsession that she had not had until then.
That was my words. The words such as no forgiveness and obedience to god began to become prevalent in the consciousness, and the words changed into something like tools for torture. By the pronouncement of the hell, that changed into a new threat that the person who was not worth living would only have more painful condition than now after death. In addition to her five senses, which had been abnormally keen until then, her sense to the dark energy of ma-kai (the evil world), rei-kai (the ghost world), and the human world was even more intensified by this.