The Final Knowledge (106)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 530)

Comparing this uta (verse) from “Poimandres” and the previous uta (verse) from “Toyoukei” makes it clear that a false roof covering human souls has been blown off and the wind has begun to blow into souls by a bellows. In a different sense from Jesus, fire has been cast into humans. After this, “Poimandres” ascended for the Judgment. That is because ancient gods also have to be judged. In the process, I saw a wonder. After the body of the ascending dragon glowed and was descaled, it has gone into light as a conscious being of light.
Righteous ones existed among the souls of alchemists and thaumaturges. “Lao Tzu” came out last. In the vision, “Lao Tzu” gave me a cane and left. I could know that not only Hermes but also feng shui, yiu and yang and Qigong had the knowledge given by this ancient dragon in their roots. Thus, the Judgment existed in ryujin-kai (the dragon gods world), and some left into light and others were returned to the ground. The ancient dragon, “Poimandres“, was returned to the ground by this Judgment. It let me know that it would work on the earth for a while.
This made the whole spiritual world only one place. It has become one world that is made go around by only one rule. Anything created in the microcosm of humans is autonomously judged after death. From now on, nothing to be afraid of for awakened humans is in the spiritual world. The past is completely over, and it is newly ready.

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