The Final Knowledge (62)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 456~458)

“Kunitokotachi”‘s energy that was in this dark kekkai (sacred shield) was released by the earthquake that opened god’s door. By this, along with “Kunitokotachi”, old deities sealed in the further bottom end were also released. They got out onto the ground but there was no shin-kai (the god world) there. The system of light worked. Some that should leave left into light and others became humans.
I had known up to this as the reaching point of the human knowledge before I started shin-gyo (god-work). It was the limit that “Wanisaburo” knew, and it was also the entire knowledge of the release of the sealed god and deities related to “Kunitokotachi” and “Susanoo” that were put in the system of Japan. At least, this made Japan no longer the country of god. Its role ended.
God and deities have gone and ma-kai (the evil world) and humans were left.
And my companion and I were at the bottom of ma-kai (the evil world). I went down there and then I completely understood what the words of the further bottom end meant. The further bottom end is within humans. The very fragments of the old god that are within human souls, do not awake, and keep radiating the light of the origin god give infinite energy to ma-kai (the evil world).
When I understood this system, I felt dizzy for a moment. I wondered if humans had to die out as in the past. A passage from the Bible flashed through my head. Whoever is intelligent can figure out the meaning of the number of the beast, because the number stands for the name of someone. Its number is 666. After this, the next words followed in my consciousness. The beast is within humans and consists of three the sixth elements. For those who worship it, it is god. And it is themselves. God that fell five times and became the sixth, and were scattered dwells in humans and reigns as the ruler of their microcosms. Ah, how stupid it is! God that is the master of humans. The origin god does not even know that it is accused and sealed within humans. Was it you that provided that humans were the vessel of god? You confess your deed in the myth that you created humans and destroyed them. You knew the law of eye for eye, and to be accused. The existence that you stole the authority from decided that you should learn the humans whom you were so angry that you destroyed. You have not noticed yet. You, humans, the children of god.