The Final Knowledge (105)

Chapter Six


(Web page 50/51)
(Book page 527~529)

I will explain the uta (verse) anew based on the knowledge of “Poimandres” in Hermetica.
According to “Poimandres“, the corporeal bodies of humans who are god’s children return to the element by death, but the spirits of humans who have inherited divinity are intrinsically immortal and ascend to the eighth layer. Those who mature their spirits rightly in the course of this ascending become purified light, returning the elements continuing to control humans, such as lust, ambition, desire for wealth and evil conspiracy which are produced through human conscious activities, to each layer likend to seven loops or a seven-stave ladder. Following this path enables the souls of humans who are god’s children to become one with god’s light, which is the core of the knowledge taught to Hermes by “Poimandres“. I read the uta (verse) as follows.


The ladder for ascending given to humans who breathe
Even though they become not to be able to distinguish it

minochi konochino

In its own way of the ground sticking to blood of the human body
Immortality is envisioned

fukishi kohaneno

The roof sheeted with the stubborn assumption
At the seat of human souls, a bellows is blown (double meaning)

miteyo mimakari

Even when they leave the world they see
A white path is laid
High peak of Mt. Fuji (immortality) is there
They believe so

shiranu mikakeno

A false path that “Poimandres” does not know
is there