The Final Knowledge (93)

Chapter Six


(Web page 38/51)
(Book page 504~505)

One existence inscribing the Great King of Darkness, hesitating to call itself Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness), and the deity positioning me in the god world during the earliest period of the shin-gyo (god-work) told me what was going to happen from then. The message form “The Great King of Darkness” indicated that there was still resistance force despite shutting out daylight. That was the world which could last without the light of god. That could only be the world of human origin. The message from “Toyoukei” indicated that the day or hour finally would come true in the human world and the new world would begin.
In 1999, the arrangement of the human rei-kai (the ghost world) had started. According to the memory of human ghosts which should be called the book of life, the preparation of the Judgment was progressing. Then, the new era of the human world would begin at last. What answer would my master existence give for the concept of the promise to make everything new? I knew the overal image, but I could not even imagine how the spiritual world would last after shin-kai (the god world) and ma-kai (the evil world) disappeared. Three days after uta (verse) from “The Great King of Darkness” came, my companion in a somewhat upset expression reported that the earth might be doing grave things. My companion complained of a headache and said that an extraordinary number of demons were being born. Demons equal to the population on the earth were about to be newly born.