The Final Knowledge (61)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 455~456)

The god world that had had only ordering until then suddenly got freedom. Even though I was indicated that I came through and reached by the deities, I could not use the system on this ground of controlling and suppressing. The reason was that I could only wait until it knew what it did not know. It was until my master existence knew. When my master existence understood about all the conscious beings in the god world, I was taught that the god world would disappear.
In order to prove how the god world disappeared my companion’s sister became in the state of kamigakari (trance). After the existence of Hindu deities in Bali entered into the human body, its mitama (spirit) clearly separated into the existence of light and the one of darkness. The existence of light told the right knowledge, but the existence of darkness made use of the body and work hard to make the devil’s network. In a while, those existences were absorbed into one human being’s consciousness and my companion’s sister regained herself again.
Thus, some of the god world left for light, and others came down to the human world.
The system of wakemitama (child-spirit) that deities had dominated the humans was used in reverse. The deities of “yaoyorozu” were taken down into the human microcosm connected by this order system. The ones that dominated humans must learn to be dominated. That is the Judgment.
The Judgment of the god world was easy in that sense. They were originally high-level conscious beings. They Knew the meaning of being sinful. The same thing was going on also in the evil world. “Ma-o” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) gave me the data and left. In the evil world consisting of one and only pyramid, its top disappeared. The exit to the top was my companion. It may also be called the door to the throne of god of this ground. My companion became a spokesperson for the conscious being in the dark universe of this ground. Its source of energy was the light of the old god conscious being of this ground which was firstly absorbed into the darkness, made deities symbolized by “Kunitokotachi”, and was sealed by the deities.