The Final Knowledge (58)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 451~452)

If there is no Last Judgment, humans will continue to be the existence just going back and forth between living and the ghost world. First of all, it means that god betrays the humans who live with love and righteousness to god. Everything is only a story. Humans are free. After that, if it follows that they will not be judged for doing anything, it is complete nihilism. I do not choose to live in that world. Absolutely not. I thought as a human being on the ground if it means that those who have lived longing for the Judgment should be judged first.
I prayed.

the Judgment.

I ascended and entered into the area of the Judgment. My own weakness, cunning, and ugliness came out on my consciousness one after another. In the hellfire of the Judgment, my own dark side was being smoked out. I was looking at that at a distance from there.

into the blaze of the Judgment.

I was in the flame. Figures of a human being, a writhing dragon, and a devil were in the blazing flame.
After a very long time, the blaze of the Judgment changed from dark red into white in the end. With that, peace came to my consciousness that was burning in anger.
My eyes were made to open by some kind of power. It was over.