The Final Knowledge (100)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 518~520)

The form of human existence also has been transformed into new one in that sense.
To prove those things, my master existence moved my companion who were taken the role on the ground of this story and her sister through the messenger of the celestial sky.
My master existence let me know about 2001 August 15th as a mark of something. Specifically, on that day, I was told that The Final Knowledge would be completed. I thought it was an assignment for me writing it, but it was not. The day or hour has been set since the beginning. It was a ceremony of shin-kai (the god world). My companion’s sister who had not visited Ise shrine until then suddenly said to my companion that she wanted to go there. She was driven by desire to go for no specific reason. I knew that it was intended by the messenger of the celestial sky. It was planned to be notified that my companion and her sister would finish their roles completely.
With a set of coincidences, that fell on August 15th. On that day, my companion who went to Ise called me. She said that Ise had changed and became an ordinary place. And when she prayed in front of the oratory, a curtain opened wide despite no wind, and some words were sent to her.

The gate closed

She said that she received an instruction to let me know about those words delivered with a vision. The gate which had opened when I had started this shin-gyo (god work) closed. Or, one story was completed and the book was closed. For humans in the future, one gate is enough to the spiritual world. That is not put on the ground but in the celestial sky, or in the midair.

The ancient gate closed
And the promised only gate opened
Holy, holy

In my head, the messengers of the celestial sky were singing.

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