The Final Knowledge (56)

Chapter Six


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The Last Judgment is synonymous with the day or hour. It is also the synonym for the reconstruction. I had known in advance that my part to play was the last. I had also known that I had a role to write the book succeeding the Bible. And I had known that I would witness that. I started the god-work understanding of those. I was able to stand it because I had been taught that the time had been settled.
The Judgment has meant the very ascending to light for me. I was made to learn how to ascend and purify by revelation, and repeating it, I found that there was a border above the light of the god world.

The area of the Judgment.

I heard that voice. For a moment I feared and opened my eyes. I was back. I found myself back in the level of human mind before ascending. Would I be able to bear the Judgment? I was seized with such a feeling of thoughts or anxiety.
I did not think in light by ascending but I tried to think about it in human knowledge as a human being on the ground. I did not know why but I felt that was my duty. I have not lived without sin. I kept thinking if my life could bear the Judgment or if I had to take it then. I have longed for the Judgment through my life. That was the conclusion. If the Last Judgment was not executed for the cruelty on the ground, humans would have their own way, ones in power would win, and dictators, Antichrist prophets, or anyone would not be accused.
I was made to raise human ghosts left unattended in Okinawa. Before then, I had wondered why so many human ghosts were left in the human world. In the process of the god-work, I noticed that they all were put to be concerned with me of one will. The human ghost world that used to be called the other world is coming closer almost to this world already. I found that the boundary between the other world and this world would get vague and shortly change into one phase called the human world. The field for the energy of the dead human spiritual world that was left to religions until then is changing over. Humans who are linked to the human ghost world in a strange way is increasing. Human ghosts representing themselves as gods possess humans.