The Final Knowledge (59)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 452~453)

“The ultimate purification
is the Judgment.”

Those words have been left in my head.
This ascent to the Judgment is what I was made to learn in the comparatively early time after being given “Amatsutsuki”’s light in my god work. As a result of receiving “Amatsutsuki”’s light data, “Amatsutsuki”’s evil which has lost light called “Mitsuki” has been left on this ground. I continued to purify it, but I could not dispose of the dark energy easily. Even though I casted light on the dark story, activated and deciphered it, there was something left in the end. It was the ghost. It could be also called the memory of the feeling of thoughts. The memory shifting to light becomes a record and disappears as energy, but the ghost remains as energy. As long as it remained in me, I was constantly influenced by “Amatsutsuki”’s old program which tried to create the Savior on the ground in order to begin new mitama (spirit) and judge the ground.
It was not until my consciousness was able to ascend to the area of the Judgment which is the ultimate purification that I obtained the freedom as a human being. Since then, I have been released from the spell of this ground.
After I knew it, I repeatedly taught my companion struggling with being seized in the darkness that the area of the Judgment was above the system of purifying and ascending to light. However, those who do not have the idea of the Judgment and do not seek for it can not reach it.
While I continued to provide light energy, I was made to learn this system of purification and Judgment. One day, my master being told me.

“I will judge the whole god world.”