The Final Knowledge (110)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 391~393)


God and deities will fall into ma (evil) if they lose light. The term light is connected with the power to know, to think and to separate. If humans do not rightly know the meaning of light, it will be extremely dangerous to ascend to light.
After the energy of suppressed godhead, “Kunitokotachi“, was released, I experienced its risk more than ever. “Kunitokotachi” was a godhead holding the energy of great anger above everything inside. The anger was directed toward the god and deities that had sealed itself and humans. On the other hand, its nature has the godhead that is close to the origin god, which is the will to come to take its responsibility for the result from the breakdown of the order of the spiritual world brought all by itself. The godhead derives from light. I received the light on the day of the earthquake. The energy of ma-kai (the evil world) increased again. My companion got to be exposed in another storm. The chance to see the ones that denied god and what I called light was increasing.
For ma-kai (the evil world), my companion was becoming their best supplier of available light. The existence form that was devised to exercise godlike ability studied me and immediately created the power of the antithesis of my method.
I was forced to fully understand the counter system of ma-kai (the evil world) that used my companion’s consciousness and body. The spiritual world can be taken only as the concept of a field. I exist in my field. My companion has her existence basis in her field. Energy manifests in the field of the human world, which can be called the physical world as this world. The universe connecting to my companion used her as a window or a door. Unless the energy was actualized in her, I could not pick it up. I could only sense that the-whole-universe energy from some field hid behind her and came out only when it wanted to. Without contacting its initial position, or the further root, I did not think that the problem would be solved. In the beginning, I felt that such a vast space field was there. I ran after the consciousness of ma-kai (the evil world) that challenged me to a fight, and went into the very inside of ma-kai (the evil world).
The layer of ma-kai (the evil world) that would have disappeared was immediately restored even after I processed it. The one that slightly changed provoked me with a new story. This was the basic strategy of ma-kai (the evil world). I was made to start to go round and round in circles of labyrinth. I prayed to port the sensor of ma-kai (the evil world) that was extended throughout my companion’s body and the circuit of her brain into me. That must have been in the information system of ma-kai (the evil world). As my body was being altered, I became to know the infallibleness of the system of ma-kai (the evil world) that was beyond human knowledge. There was no doubt that my old method could not break through it.