The Final Knowledge (99)

Chapter Six


(Web page 44/51)
(Book page 516~518)

If the spiritual world was not in the condition of the insane ground, humans could easily accept the role that they were located in the contact point between the past and the future, and while bearing the past as the cross, they should mitigate it and give it to the humans in the future. For any humans, as long as they have the same kind of gene, all the past of human species is the cross. Simple logic will make it clear that humans now living in the history inherit more genes of conquerors, murderers, and rapists. Those who are alive have the cross in common. Observing the short history, it will only to start a cycle of retaliation to claim the difference of races or skin colors.
Those who are alive bear heavier responsibility. They are responsible for the future. They are asked if they let the generation following and the generation after that repeat the same guilt of the past. In that sense, essentially, humans do not need to be born again. That is because they can contact high sphere of the spiritual world only while they are alive with the body that can think. And even if they are born again, almost all the memory of their life disappears and they only to start knowing nothing again. Even if they suddenly recognize the reincarnation and know the mystery of the soul at a certain stage of their life, that will lead them to the past, and the beginning is declination in the spiritual world. That is the process to fall to learn and ascend. The ghosts that should be born again have already been divided up and ready. They will be born knowing nothing again when the time comes. The rest of humans’ past memories are the ghosts in rei-kai (the ghost world).
My master existence made a Judgment on them. I saw the vision of the place after the Judgment. It was divided into many layers, which were a new hell. It was the place where the memories of human senses that human-derived conscious beings adhered to were ready in bad karma.
My master existence showed me that and said.

“If they ascend while they are humans
they can go into light
If they fall while they are humans
they will go to hell
Nothing else is needed
Mitama (spirit) of Judgment for this
Messengers from the celestial sky
were born by the contract of the celestial sky and the ground
Everything has been renewed”