The Final Knowledge (98)

Chapter Six


(Web page 43/51)
(Book page 515~516)

In my experience, focusing on the people who had Buddhist training by halves, I often see a cartoony vision of Fudo Myoo (Acala) appear. It means that the person first trained imagining Fudo Myoo (Acala), but it also means that once an image is created within humans, the image itself becomes persistent. I do not think that such Fudo Myoo (Acala) that does not rightly connect to bukkai (the Buddhist world) can eliminate evil, but it can suddenly bring out some words in the person’s head. It seems that the self-created image is conscious and comical things like adoring the image by themselves happens. The same kind of process occurred on a large scale in the human world, and rei-kai (the ghost world) was likely formed. It is hard for humans to notice that it is ridiculous in itself that the ones who have left this ground demand warship and service from the ones alive on the ground. Dead people belong to the past. However, unless they are rightly sorted out, they will continue to give off dark energy. There, the power to return to the origin which was the law on this ground works. It means that this world is the duplicate world of the spiritual world. When the period to be able to rightly understand that is about to start, the conventional rei-kai (the ghost world), or the other world is not needed.

Extinguish it

That is the will.