The Final Knowledge (97)

Chapter Six


(Web page 42/51)
(Book page 514~515)


Shin-kai (the god world) left ghosts. Ma-kai (the evil world) also did. And, so did human rei-kai (the ghost world). Everything left in the memory which were the ghosts became reasons for the Judgment.
I assumed as a person that human ghosts gathered and remained in a different place called rei-kai (the ghost world) for a long time only because they were waiting for the Judgement. Until then I had not known about hitonomioya in rei-kai (the ghost world) where humanly-derived conscious beings collected seeking eternity. That was the core of rei-kai (the ghost world). That was giving a strong attracting force to draw human ghosts.
After shin-kai (the god world) and even ma-kai (the evil world) had eliminated human ghosts as kegare (impurity), the place accumulated massive energy. The time from 1999 to 2001 was the last moratorium for this human rei-kai (the ghost world). I descended to the core of rei-kai (the ghost world) or the field of hitonomioya again. For normal people, it was the place not to descend but to shift parallel. It was a kind of wormhole to move into with the memory of life. Falling into the black hole, an exit to a completely different space-time was open. Eternity, which was an illusion, dominated there. It was the world of a time-space warp. Why did such a field occur?
I would say that the true identity of the energy of hitonomioya was the antithesis of humans against the field of the spiritual world such as shin-kai (the god world) and ma-kai (the evil world). The human thoughts and feelings created the same kind of field.
According to the data of hitonomioya which should be called the core of rei-kai (the ghost world), the present form of rei-kai (the ghost world) was created because Buddha had not accurately passed on what he had acquired to humans. Before Jesus, particularly in Indian religion, there was know-how to function as gods dominating humans by the ones accumulating more energy of human thoughts and feelings than others. Human thoughts acquiring teachings of Buddha halfway went into the direction of making the consciousness of humans themselves, who were not gods, stay alive. Bukkai (the Buddhist world ), which was similar to shin-kai (the god world), was a human-derived spiritual world with one summit, and it was certainly an area to reach by ascending consciousness. Rei-kai (the ghost world) was by shifting parallel, though. Ancient life-and-death issue is called shamanism today, and it has been passed on to ethnic groups and tribes living close to nature. Most dead ghosts turned into a kind of shadow, and their posthumous place to go had been envisaged within the human world whether they were born again or not. Then, however, rei-kai (the ghost world) was rapidly removed from the human world and has become a whole new world. That was the other world. A great deal of time had passed on the earth while most humans did not know the difference between the other world and, for example, the kingdom of heaven that Jesus meant.