The Final Knowledge (77)

Chapter Six


(Web page 22/51)
(Book page 477~478)

My companion was born dead once. It was “ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) that brought her back to life and made her usable. And, when she was three years old, her mitama (spirit) up to then was deprived and she grew up as the one living with the power of ma-kai (the evil world). She grew up without mitama (spirit). The mitama (spirit) up to three was naturally a wake-mitama (child spirit) of (the ruler of ancient light and darkness). “Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) was also god. No other existence in ma-kai (the evil world) could make wake-mitama (child spirit). “Shirayama-hime” would never allow that. There was a dual structure there. “Ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) was the presider god of the earth that realized that it was not god itself. It took sin itself, went down to ma-kai (the evil world) and became the king. It never called itself god. It is free for you to overlap the common point of this story with “Susanoo” of Japanese mythology, but “Susanoo”, or a raging king, existed in shin-kai (the god world). The story of “ma-ou”(the ruler of ancient light and darkness) is much deeper and larger, and it penetrates all of shin-kai (the god world), ma-kai (the evil world) and the human world of the earth.
When the “ma-ou”’s wake-mitama (child spirit) that should be the subject of my companion’s consciousness could succeed as a human child and overcame “ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness), “ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) would also be released from the yoke of this earth. It was supposed to get its original divinity back and go away into light. Aiming at realizing that, “ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) moved into me with its data.
This story of three-year-old child was told me when the dark consciousness in my companion truly became crystallized and the strongest. Her laughter in an insanity was intensified, and she showed me nothing but eccentric behavior in my presence. She opened her mouth to the limit in order to laugh, which brought her physical pain, so it was pitiful to see her laughing and shedding tears from her pain.