The Final Knowledge (76)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 476~477)


The year 1999, seventh month was approaching. It was not the day or hour , but it was certain that something would come to fall. At least, as humans were seized for a long time, expected something to happen, and were in fear of it, the energy of thoughts and feelings accumulated. It had to be released in any ways. Nostradamus’s prophecies were not what god directly concerned with. They were what the human being who was given the ability to read the data in the spiritual world or to glimpse a part of god’s story wrote down in an awoken state. However, as a structural element of a part of the story, the prophecies by this awoken human being were also prepared to be recorded in that period. That was also the divine plot. That was because it had to be proved that the Bible was not the only way to approach the divine knowledge.
The energy of the spiritual world occurs by the interaction with this physical world. Without humans, gods that are personified would not exist. Without human thoughts and feelings, some phenomena in this physical world would not happen. In my knowledge, the energy which was called a great King of Terror and which humans expecting destruction increased was going to fall into my companion or me.
I wanted to avoid my companion in an insane state being obsessed by an unknown thing again and complicating a problem. I was told not to concern myself with it, but I was praying for her. While praying for her, strange information in her conscious area was conveyed to me. Her mitama (spirit) that was prepared to become a human child was the one from her birth to three years old. The ground that prepared her had a really complicated method of doing it.