The Final Knowledge (90)

Chapter Six



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(Book page 499~501)

In spring of 2000, at Izumo-taisha (Izumo Gran Shrine), three pillars for a high shrine which had been a legend were unearthed. I was informed that Izumo would be the last in my shisn-gyo (god work). When I had to go to Izumo, there must have been revelation. It signified the beginning for Nihon shin-kai (the Japanese god world) that three cedars at Hakusan shrine fell down, and the advent of three pillars at Izumo-taisha (Izumo Grand Shrine) the end. It was right after the big earthquake in deep autumn that I was told to go to Izumo in revelation. It was a storm on both ways, but the rain stopped as I got closer to Izumo-taisha (Izumo Grand Shrine). The place was really divine. I confirmed that “Susanoo“-related energy was emitted out onto the ground.
Susanoo” originated in “Kunitokotachi“, and “Kunitokotachi” originated in Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) who was the presider of the ground. Both were said to be sealed deiteis. I knew that everything went on as scheduled. However, I was dissatisfied with waiting while I, as a human being, somehow knew that the book, The Final Knowledge, was composed of my higher consciousness, part of light.

Written, then decided
Wait until the last minute

I thought to understand the meaning. It meant that not all the souls would be saved, but the less sacrifice, the better. When it was written, it would be the rule of the new spiritual world. It was right so far. It was further, though.
My master existence planned to completely fulfill the covenant with the ground. How would it do so with the ground which extinguished both shin-kai (the god world) and ma-kai (the evil world)? I had no way to know it. In order to complete it, I was asked to do the last thing I could do as a human being to the people around me including my companion. I was told to take a new role after entire “kamiagari” (completing a god’s child). I asked if it meant to leave the human society once, and the answer was yes. My human mind could not be unstable at all. I was born to do this, learn, fulfil the role, and leave.