The Final Knowledge (88)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 496~497)

In the center of the dark ghost, which should be called the dregs of ma-kai (the evil world), the story of this inner god has been placed. Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) that is the king of ma-kai (the evil world) told me that the gap between the concepts for the god in ma-kai (the evil world) and the god in shin-kai (the god world) dialectically has worked and has evolved the spirit. Humans have a memory that they are gods or the children of god at the bottom of their consciousness. The term ‘god’ which is different from their own concept is sticked on the surface of their consciousness, and they feel the existence belongs to the outside of their own microcosms. The knowledge of ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) is that the world with the cosmic view symbolizing the inner god or ancient god is now called ma-kai (the evil world), and the world with the cosmic view symbolizing the outer god or new god is called shin-kai (the god world).
Shin-kai (the god world) is light, and ma-kai (the evil world) is darkness. If the rule was so simple, it should not have taken 2000 years on this earth to wake up. It is the story and the memory of god that is on the base of the spiritual world on this ground, or seven kowane (stone hearts), the further bottom end, which is repeatedly conveyed. It is the key leading the problem to the solution to know all about this multiple structure. Unless the knowledge is put in light, it will keep emitting dark energy. In my head, the dark core continued to cause a headache as if it tested me. In a microcosm of a human being, the god taking over from the inner past and the god outside imaged on the surface of the consciousness confront with the dark area of the consciousness between them. There is the form reflecting the spiritual world itself on the earth. The memory of the sixth one after five destructions is the information from the dark core of ma-kai (the evil world), which believes that light shining from the outside has been the motive power to cause destruction. How much noise about god and justice is made outside, as a result, that causes destruction, loses light, and falls into evil. On the assumption that it will only be the same in the end, the ghost of the origin god that created this story remains in the innermost depth as the center of gravitation. That is the dark memory which leads to destruction. The story of light and the story of darkness are made within the thing that believes itself to be the creator and make god and other deities, and unless light shines on the darkness and makes it disappear in the knowledge, the eternal circle is supposed to begin again.