The Final Knowledge (82)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 485~487)

My companion understood. In some way she did not think that someone who does shin-gyo (god-work) must depend on psychiatry. It was also a threat from the evil things. They would have had trouble if she had slept. It was fortunate, or it was also the preparation of this ground, that one of her college friends was a doctor of psychosomatic medicine. The doctor was able to take an understanding attitude toward her mystical experience, such as hearing some voice, though she did not know about it. This eased the burden to her. At the same time, my burden was also eased. I was able to prepare for what must have happened in 1999.
I will get the story straight here.
Shin-kai (the god world) disappeared, and some left for light and others came down to humans. Ma-kai (the evil world) also disappeared, and some took roles in the human world and others returned to dust. The conscious beings in ma-kai (the evil world) separated into two groups as well as shin-kai (the god world). One was the group which chose the rule in which even devils could become angels if they repented, and the other was the group which would return to dust after existing as rulers in the human microcosms for a while. In short, the things that were not righteously ready, both things in shin-kai (the god world) and ma-kai (the evil world), were pushed back to the human world. Thus, the system was ready, in which each human being could personally experience the story of the upheaval in the spiritual world in their own microcosm.
The problem was the human rei-kai (the ghost world) that had been left. One sphere, rei-kai (the ghost world) which was the place for humans to go after death, actually existed in the spiritual world. It was, according to the divine knowledge, the place to keep the memory of humans waiting for the Judgment. Rei-kai (the ghost world) enlarged so that many humans confused the place with the spiritual world. It would be the first step of the Judgment in the human spiritual world to make this place of rei-kai (the ghost world) disappear. The principle of the human spiritual world was to go straight to the place for the Judgment after death and receive proper reward or retribution for their souls. This has not done for a long time. It was inevitable that the day or hour would eventually happen.
Only while the spirit has a human body, it will grow. Only while being humans, they can think. The physical universe is the place to encounter light and the cradle for the evolution of souls. With this knowledge, humans must know that it is the best state of their souls for them to live and think, and that they are at the summit. After death, their results will be judged. The existence form of the ghost after death should be prescribed according to their sin. Essentially, rei-kai (the ghost world) in which it is supposed to be easier after death must not exist. Rei-kai (the ghost world) that has existed was a distortion that human common illusion made up. As ma-kai (the evil world) was so, rei-kai (the ghost world) also formed a kind of black hole. As a story, the energy accumulated here was ready to be released at a stretch.
It was The Prophecies of Nostradamus.